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XenSummit 2012 Agenda and Speaker Line-up
By : Sharon Smith Find more article by Sharon Smith on GNU/Lin
Thursday the 9th, August 2012 at 03:00 PM (EDT)
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Cambridge, UK 8/9/2012 -, home of the open source Xen hypervisor, today announced the final speaker line-up and agenda for its annual Xen Summit North America conference. The event will be held, August 27-28 in San Diego, California and is co-located with CloudOpen and LinuxCon North America.

XenSummit attracts prominent Xen community members and thought leaders from around the world to hear updates on future plans, research and new developments for technologies based on the Xen Hypervisor, as well as discuss the current state of projects applying Xen technology to areas like cloud computing, mobility and security. A key platform for some of the world’s largest and most successful public clouds, the Xen hypervisor is the collective effort of a global development community representing more than 50 leading technology vendors, universities, and virtualization experts. This year’s agenda brings together some of the best minds in open source to discuss what’s in store for Xen and how it will continue to set the pace in cloud, mobility and virtualization infrastructure.

Agenda Highlights

XenSummit features speakers from AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Bromium, the BSD Community, Cambridge University, Canonical, Calxeda, Citrix, The Flux Research Group, Galois, Huawei, Inktank, Intel, Locaweb, OnApp, Oracle, Rackspace Hosting and the University of Applied Sciences (HES) in Vaud.

Xen Project Updates

• Xen 4.3 roadmap
• The sexy world of Linux kernel pvops project
• Xen Cloud Platform Update
• (Free and Net)BSD on Xen Roadmap
• Hybrid: Future of PV

Cloud Computing and Xen case-studies

• Xen and CloudStack
• OpenStack, Xen and XCP
• Scaling Xen within Rackspace Cloud Servers
• SDN - OpenFlow + OpenVSwitch + Quantum (OpenStack)
• Xen*, SDN, and Apache CloudStack


• NUMA and Virtualization, the case of Xen
• Xen PV Performance Status and Optimization Opportunities
• VM Live Migration Speedup in Xen


• Enlightened Security in Portable Service VMs
• Linux Stubdomain
• Windsor: Domain 0 Disaggregation for XenServer
• µ-Xen


• Block Storage For VMs With Ceph
• Building a Distributed Block Storage System on Xen

Xen on ARM based Servers

• Panel: Virtualization on ARM Processors
• Xen on ARM Cortex A15

Xen in embedded and mobile devices

• Dealing with Hardware Heterogeneity Using EmbeddedXEN, a Virtualization Framework Tailored to ARM Based Embedded Systems
• Porting Xen Paravirtualization to MIPS Architecture

Xen and language run-times

• Mirage: extreme specialisation of virtual appliances
• The HaLVM: A Simple Platform for Simple Platforms

Topics for Developers

• Engaging the Xen Community
• Evaluation of X32 ABI for Virtualization and Cloud
• From printk to QEMU: Xen/Linux Kernel debugging
• Improving Xen idle power efficiency
• Intel Update
• Introduction of AMD Virtual Interrupt Controller
• Nested Virtualization Update from Intel


• COLO: COarse-grain LOck-stepping Virtual Machines for Non-stop Service
• XenTT: Deterministic Systems Analysis in Xen

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About is the home of the open source Xen hypervisor, a fast, secure industry standard code base for operating system virtualization. Founded and led by Ian Pratt, the community benefits from the contributions of senior engineers from leading hardware, software, and security vendors. is run for the benefit of the community by the Xen Project Advisory Board, which is drawn from leading contributors to the project. For more information, visit

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