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White Paper
Likewise Names Leading Open Source Voice as CTO
Launched: Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0 and Zarafa Archiver
Zarafa Shows User Driven Innovation at Fifth SummerCamp Anniversary
Userful Corporation Named to Everything Channel’s CRN Virtualization 100 List
Zarafa Joins Microsoft with Advanced Outlook 2010 Compatibility
Zarafa and Mandriva Partner to Deliver Integrated Enterprise Solutions
CustomTech Teams with European Exchange Alternative “Zarafa”
Likewise Cross-Platform Integration Software Hits 100,000 Users Releases New Version of CloudStack
CeBIT 2011: Zarafa Sets New European Open Source Groupware Standard

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Welcome to the To Know & Learn Section at

Here you can find some Tutorials & how to's.

Linux ComputinMiscellaneous
Networking & SProgramming &
Latest Tutorial Added to Learning Corner
HTTP authentication with .htaccess protection (Networking & S)
Creating a simple mail bomber in PHP (Programming & )
Time taken by a PHP script (Programming & )
An introduction to telnet (Networking & S)
Packet sniffing. An introduction (Networking & S)
TCP/IP an introduction (Networking & S)
Viruses Coming Alive --- Part 1 (Introduction) (Networking & S)
Trojan FAQ (Networking & S)
What is PHP and what does it do? (Programming & )
A WebServer Guide -- Help Using Apache (Networking & S)
File Permission in Linux (Linux Computin)
How to use all 4 buttons on my mouse in Linux ? (Linux Computin)
A little bit of mySQL and phpMyAdmin (Programming & )
Installing ssh and sshd (Linux Computin)
Which one should i use - Sendmail or Qmail ? (Miscellaneous)
Password protecting LILO (Linux Computin)
Installing software via a ports (or package source) tree in FreeBSD (Networking & S)
Forgot your root password? (Linux Computin)
Sending a fake mail (Networking & S)
Back Channeling using Xterm (Networking & S)
Proxy/Wingates/Socks Host (Networking & S)
Introduction to Intrusion Protection and Network Security (Linux Computin)
Setting Up a Linux-based PPP Callback server (Linux Computin)
Samba configuration (Linux Computin)
Basic of Extracting and compressing files in Linux (Linux Computin)
Notes from the Command-Line Commando: Multimedia (Linux Computin)
Learning Samba: Part II (Linux Computin)
Learning to Samba - Part 1 (Linux Computin)
10 tweaks to your Linux boxen that will make your life much easier! (Linux Computin)
Setting Up a Home Computer Lab to Learn Linux Networking (Linux Computin)
Programming with Python - Part 3: Extending Python (Programming & )
Programming with Python - Part 2: The Real World (Programming & )
Programming with Python - Part 1: Baby Steps (Programming & )
Getting Started with Make - Part 3: Directives (Programming & )
Getting Started with Make - Part 2: Makefiles, Variable Definitions, and Rules (Programming & )
Getting Started with Make - Part 1: The Basics (Programming & )
Shell Script Debugging Techniques (Programming & )
Shell Scripting (Programming & )
Writing Database Oriented Web-based Applications with Perl - Part IV (Programming & )
Writing Database Oriented Web-based Applications with Perl - Part III (Programming & )

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