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DAKCS Software Systems Introduces Innovative Customer Training Program
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DAKCS Software Systems Introduces Innovative Customer Training Program
By : DAKCS Software [www] Find more article by DAKCS Software on Press R
Tuesday the 1st, May 2012 at 03:18 AM (EDT)
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DAKCS Software Systems introduces Software Strength Training, a new customer training program, powered by DAKCS. It is a series of 90 minutes monthly webinar sessions designed to enhance their clients’ product knowledge and understanding.

Ogden, Utah. May 1, 2012. DAKCS Software Systems announced today the introduction of a new customer training program: Software Strength Training powered by DAKCS. With a long time customer centric focus and tradition, the DAKCS team has developed a series of monthly webinars designed to enhance their clients’ product knowledge and understanding. These 90 minutes sessions, presented by the DAKCS training team, are designed for the entire DAKCS client community with an emphasis on innovative methods to streamline agency operational processes.

According to Lex Patterson, DAKCS president, “We continue to focus on our existing customer base. Our objective, since we opened our doors in 1984, has always been to provide our clients with the tools they need to stay ahead of their competition. Our corporate philosophy of treating our clients as business partners makes the difference. At DAKCS, we are constantly designing new and innovative ways to help our clients grow and prosper. Our new training program is another example of our ongoing commitment to our entire client community.”

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. is a proven leader in accounts receivable management solutions. Established in the early eighties by and for collection professionals, DAKCS has been providing clients with innovative and creative solutions for over thirty years. With a diversified client base, ranging from attorneys to first party collections companies, their primary focus has always been and continues to be addressing the needs of their existing clients ….staying current with industry issues and concerns, listening carefully to client requests and making things happen, quickly and cost effectively. Located in the heart of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, DAKCS headquarters are in Ogden, Utah. To learn more about DAKCS and its robust product portfolio that includes Beyond.Net, VIC, VOCALITY@Client Services, ASCENT, RESOLVE and more, contact the sales department at 800 873-2527 and visit the website at

Media Contact:

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc.
372 24th Street, Suite 410
Ogden, Utah
Phone: 800 873-2527

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